Semnan Science and Technology Park

Semnan Science and Technology Park

In regard to the third and fourth economic and social development plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran,Shahrood Research Organization for Science and Technology which was established in 1989, transformed into the Semnan Science and Technology Park (SSTP) in 2002. The primary obligation of SSTP is to create wealth in the society through knowledge-based activities and preparing a suitable environment for establishment and professional presence of innovative companies. Other than that, SSTP endevours to support entrepreneurs, innovators, technopreneurs through establishing a scientific and dynamic atmosphere for a better cooperation between research, industry and university.

At the present, located in Shahrood in an area of more than 90 acres, SSTP is close to several academic/ research/ industry centers on one of the main routes of the country, including:

  • Shahrood University of Technology
  • Shahrood Industrial Town
  • Islamic Azad University – Shahrood Branch
  • Damghan University
  • Gorgan University
  • Semnan University
  • Maiami Industrial Area
  • Seid-Abad Industrial Area

Geographical properties of SSTP, provides it with easy access to academic experts, university facilities and industrial centers in addition to preparing a suitable area for start-ups to establish their fundamentals.

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