Semnan Science and Technology Park

Semnan Science and Technology Park

Semnan Science and Technology Park (SSTP) quests for a well-planned mission:

  • Improving and expanding knowledge-based activities in the region
  • Supporting commercialization
  • Creating a regional synergy through sharing of information, cooperation and application of joint facilities
  • Sponsoring and supporting market-related innovations and transforming challenges and ideas into opportunities
  • Developing job opportunities for newly-graduated youth in technology Incubation Center
  • Global collaboration for technology transfer, research projects, etc.
  • Achieving and localizing the cutting-edge technology and reaching for global markets
  • Transforming SSTP into a trust-worthy bridge between governmental and non-governmental businesses
  • Linking universities and industries together in the region
  • Expanding social, cultural and organizational relations


Vision: The Business Idea:

The initial business idea of Semnan Science and Technology Park (SSTP) is taken from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of IRAN; though each STP defines its own business idea and field of activity based on local conditions. Thus, SSTP has set its business idea for improving the economic condition of the region, diversifying economic and technological activities and production of wealth. In addition to that, SSTP also endeavors for providing universities, research centers and governmental organizations with necessary fundamentals and infrastructures for establishing an active and dynamic innovation system for emergence of new economic and technologic activities.

Hoping for creating a well-managed cooperation atmosphere, SSTP quests for economic activities in the region in addition to supporting ideas and performing risky investments.

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